Yellow Shirt IV
March 10, 2021
March 1, 2022
Yellow Shirt V. 2018. Digital media. 50x70 cm size.



“Yellow Shirt” Series

We are living a tremendous time of awareness. Since the past few years we've been witnesses of how feminism is questioning everything we learned. One of the main targeted themes is sexuality and the notion that how we relate on a personal level is in fact political.
Overthrowing centuries of oppression is not easy, but there is an important discussion on how concepts like desire, sexuality and our views on nudity should change.
This series of digital drawings intent to show a sensitive approach to masculine sexuality and nudity.
I want to ask questions about how heterosexual men are educated to perform their eroticism in a certain way.
The mainstream porn industry has educated men in a very toxic way. What is expected from them is to be brave, strong and dominating. And for too many this has been the only sex education available.
Vibrant and shocking colours are inviting the viewer to pay attention.
Is there any place for vulnerability and shyness in a male nude?
I’m a female artist drawing a naked man who is not encouraged to perform an impossible standard of beauty and masculinity.
Although I don’t see this series as erotic I wanted to represent the act of undress and being exposed keeping in mind that the notion of nudity is often associated with erotism and sexual intercourse.

These are also portraits of my lover.
While he was undressing I could see his vulnerability and unveiled shyness.
I wanted him to pose without thinking too much and asked him to leave the socks on.
Many people find this unattractive during the sex act, a symbol of weakness, like if it wasn’t allowed for men to experience cold.
Is it possible for our society to change its construction of sexuality in a way that men are able to ask for caresses and not only fellatios?