Florencia was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. She is the youngest child of three, from a middle-class family living in the locality of Burzaco.

Her artistic interests began from small age, always faithful to the curious spirit of exploration that characterizes her. While art was not an inherent trait of her family, Florencia was enlivened by her parents, who encouraged her expression.

During her teenage years, music and film fed her student days as she gradually found a voice in the artistic languages. She decided to pursue a career in the arts after completing her secondary education. Almost by chance, she opted for visual arts.

She studied at Escuela Municipal de Artes Visuales de Lomas de Zamora, graduating with the title of Professor in Visual Arts and Professor of Painting in 2014. During her formative years she participated in group exhibitions locally, in small cultural centers and indie design-fairs.

In 2015 she moved to Spain, where she worked in several projects including photography, drawings and paintings.

Now she is living in London, UK, where she continues her training and remains devoted fully to her work.